Sunday, February 2, 2020

Grand Rapids Serra Club Newsletter, February 2020.

Serrans are lay Catholics-men and women from all walks of life, lawyers, doctors, accountants, business people, nurses, engineers, sales people, clerks, retirees, etc., all dedicated to promote and foster vocations.

February Devotion--The Holy Family.

February is the month devoted to the Holy Family. Though the start of the Lenten Season changes within the calendar year, a fair-sized portion of February gives us a space of time between the Christmas celebrations and the increased focus on Jesus's public life and ministry which occurs in Lent.  It is a transition from the feast of Christmas to the fasting of Lent.  Therefore February has become a time to recall the Holy Family; within the Holy Family is where Jesus spent the time between his birth and embarking on his public journey.

Calendar of Events.

February 1 and 2, 2020.  World Day of Prayer for the Consecrated Life.
February 2, 2020.  Presentation of the Lord.
February 10, 2020.  Luncheon Meeting and Prayer Service, 12:00 noon at Cathedral Square.
February 24, 2020.  Board Meeting and Lunch, 12:00 Noon at Cathedral Square.
February 26, 2020.  Ash Wednesday.

Looking Ahead.  

March 8-14, 2020.  National Catholic Sisters Week.
March 14, 2020.  Men, now is the time to do ONE thing that will make your life better.  Sign up now for the Building a Legacy/KEPHA Catholic Men's Conference at West Catholic High School.  God has worked powerfully in men's lives in the past and He's ready to do it again--you just need to show up.  Our speaker lineup is filled with men on fire for Christ who want to help you to live your best life.  Mass celebrated by our own Bishop David Walkowiak.  Don't miss this.  Tickets sell out fast.
More details and registration at  Questions?  Call Deacon Jim Thorndill at 616-242-0222.

Tentative Sisters' Dinner at IHM Parish.

On January 30, John Osterhart wrote,


At our Monday, January 27th GR Serra Board Meeting, we had a discussion of, and a positive reaction to trying to resurrect a Serra sponsored dinner for Sisters in the GR Diocese.  As an initial step I have temporarily reserved IHM Parish facilities for two different dates--Saturday, May 9 (Mothers Day) and Saturday, May 16.  I told IHM that I would get back to them next week to select one date or the other.

The dinner presents several positives--a good recognition of the Sisters, good for PR for our Serra Club, potential for attracting members from the IHM Parish, and possibly raising some funds for a Serra, Parish, or Diocese cause (largely depending on whether we open the dinner to parishioners and/or others)

I would like to get input from some of the Sisters, our Serans, and IHM Parishioners who have expressed interest in participating in the event before making that choice.  Dan LaVille will be talking to some of the Sisters before this weekend, and I will talk to some of the Parishioners as well.

Some other significant details will have to be determined.  I would expect to have a joint meeting between IHM members and Serrans to discuss some of the details.

I hope that most of our Serrans will participate.  I would welcome any affirmation to that effect.  If you have preference for one of the dates, please let us know. We will also be open to any suggestions you may have.

Thanks to all for your help and any participation.

John Osterhart

I would be very interested in helping.  As you know, my daughter is a Franciscan Sister.  I am certain she could attend.  I will be visiting her this Sunday and will pose the question.
George Rutherford

Note:  Dan LaVille has been talking with some of the Sisters.  As things stand now, May 9 is emerging as the winner.  John just reported to me that May 9 has a 99 percent chance of ending up as the date.  Also, Aggie just said she would be back from Mexico on May 6 and would be glad to help on May 9.  Please let John know if you could help as well.

Vocation Support for Military Chaplains.

Last weekend Our Lady of Sorrows held a special collection for the military.  To find out more about the Archdiocese of the Military, sign up for a free subscription to Salute Magazine by sending your title, name, address and phone number to OR call 202-719-3600 OR write Advancement Office, Archdiocese of the Military Services, P. O. Box 4469, Washiongton, D. C., USA 20017-0469.

Pray for our, fait

Heavenly Father,

We give you thanks and praise for your son, Jesus Christ.  Send your Holy Spirit to inspire holy, faithful men to minister us as priests.  Lord, we pray for your grace to encourage and support our seminarians as they endeavor to become priests.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

What doth the Lord require of thee but to love mercy, act justly, and to walk humbly with Thy God?

Micah 6:8

Mary, Mother of Vocations, Pray for Us.